Launceston Distillery, Launceston Day 9

Launceston Distillery at Hangar 17 in the near of the Launceston Airport, is home of our very first private cask. Hangar 17 has quite a story to tell, it is the oldest surviving aviation building in Tasmania and has played a key role in the development of aviation in Tasmania and Australia.

The building itself has a size of 33 x 20 meters and a ceiling height of 5.5 meters, which was back in 1930 big enough to accommodate the largest aeroplane in Australia.

Today it is big enough to accommodate Launceston Distillery, their bond store and a small local gin producer called Abel Gin Co.


The first distillate ran off the stills in October 2015 and has been filled into 20L and 100L casks (Bourbon, Port and Sherry). Smaller 20L casks are necessary to catalyze the maturation process, so that a first release in 2018 is possible.

Both copper stills and also the mash tun are made by local copper smith, Peter Bailey. This shows that the whisky industry in Tasmania, is an all tasmanian business.

Launceston Distillery
Launceston Distillery

We also tried their new make spirit and I have to say, I can’t wait to try their first release. Their new make spirit has a very clean and smooth taste with notes of grain, oak and a citrus finish.

Can’t wait till it’s 2018!


(left: Chris Condon, right: Chris Byrne and guard dog Angus)