Adams Distillery, Perth Day 8

After heading north on Tasmania’s Great Eastern Drive we arrived at Adams Distillery to meet Adam Pinkard.

Adams Distillery is settled on the Glen Ireh Estate in Perth and is one of the younger distilleries in Tasmania. Founded in 2015 there is still a lot of work ahead until their first release.

Adam Pinkard is a paramedic, but he spends every minute of his spare time working at the distillery. This passion and effort are the reasons for the progress of the distillery.


After a short tour it was time to taste some new make spirit and I have to say, I haven’t tried something like this before, it was amazing. The new make spirit from Adams Distillery has this beautifully, crispy, sweet, bacon flavour, which I never experienced in a whisky before.

The reason for this extraordinary flavour, is the light smoked german barley, which is smoked with beachwood. Besides this barley, they also use two other kinds of barley: Pilsener Malt– a classic Tasmanian malted barley, what most distilleries use and Roasted/Crystal Malt– a heavily roasted malted barley.

Adams Distillery
Adams Fasslager

Adams Distillery is a very interesting start- up distillery and I can’t  wait for their first bottles to be released and to stock their products in Germany.


(Adam Pinkard)