Spring Bay Distillery, Spring Beach Day 7

After staying one week in the south of Tasmania, it was time to head north, but first we were heading towards the iconic east coast to visit Spring Bay Distillery.

The east coast of Tasmania is well known for some of Australia’s finest seafood, cool climate wines and soon for it’s whisky.

The distillery is settled only 500 meters from Spring Beach, which makes it a perfect place to mature whisky. When the mist drifts up the valley in the afternoon, it falls on the roof of the distillery and with the next rain the salt that remains, gets washed into the rainwater tanks. The Water then gets filtered and is being used in the production process.


This is the reason why Spring Bay Distillery’s whisky has this sweet and soft taste and also the reason why it’s truely a Tasmanian Whisky.

On the day we visited Spring Bay Distillery, Cameron Brett just was about to start a spirit run, so we had the chance to taste some fresh new make spirit.

It has this insane sweet odour and a beautiful  light-blue colour, just like the Bay.

Spring Bay Distillery
Spring Bay Distillery

We also tried some of his whisky, which is still maturing, but it will be finished later this year.

Young at age it already had an intense colour and a tremendous flavour.

Spring Bay is surely a Distillery that you should keep in mind and wait for their first release, to get a taste of genuine tasmanian whisky.


(Cameron Brett)