About Barley Known Malts

Welcome to the Blog of Barley Known Malts, which is all about Tasmanian Spirits.

With this Blog, I want to share with you my passion about Whisky and  Tasmania.

Matthias Esters

The Distilleries

Adams Distillery

Launceston Distillery

Belgrove Distillery

Mc Henry Distillery

Corra Linn

Nonesuch Distillery

Fannys Bay

Redlands Distillery

Shene Estate

Spring Bay Distillery

Sullivans Cove



The Beginning

McHenry Distillery, Port Arthur Day 1

Sullivans Cove, Cambridge Day 2

Shene Estate, Pontville Day 3

Belgrove Distillery, Kempton Day 4

Redlands Distillery, Kempton Day 5

Nonesuch Distillery, Forcett Day 6

Spring Bay Distillery, Spring Beach Day 7

Adams Distillery, Perth Day 8

Launceston Distillery, Launceston Day 9

Corra Linn, Relbia Day 10

Fannys Bay, Tam O´Shanter Day 11