Redlands Distillery, Kempton Day 5

Redlands Distillery at Dysart House is located in a small township called Kempton in the Midlands of Tasmania. Dysart House is one of tasmania’s many historic sandstone buildings, which was built in 1842.

The brick stable, located on the property, now houses Redlands Tasmanian- made copper still and their bondstore.



Head Distiller Dean Jackson and Emma Alessandrini showed us the property and explained, that the estate is one of just a few distilleries worldwide that grows and processes its own barley.

Redlands Distillery’s whisky is the first paddock-to-bottle whisky in the souther hemisphere.

This again shows the great potential of the australian and especially the tasmanian whisky industry. Distilleries are able to grow and process their own barley and get access to the purest spring water worldwide.

After the tour we settled down for a coffee and a taste of Redlands fine spirits. Besides the Apple- Schnapps and the Lavender- Malt, we also tried their paddock-to-bottle whisky, which was the main reason for our visit.


Redlands Distillery


main structure is centered around the tannins, which I really like.


spices with dried fruits such as grapes, very fruity.


dry, but not to dry with hints of vanilla.

Redlands Distillery at Dysart House offers a great location combined with great spirits, settled in the beatiful landscape of the Tasmanian Midlands.

If you are driving to Launceston on the Midland Highway, you definitely need to make a stop here.


(Dean Jackson)